Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium is a marine and freshwater aquarium located by the Cheshire Oaks retail and leisure complex in Ellesmere Port near Chester.

A captivating underwater world is waiting for you to discover at Blue Planet Aquarium. Home to more than 100 living displays, as well as one of Europe’s largest collections of sharks, the aquarium offers plenty of marine life to marvel at.

Take a wander through our underwater shark tunnel and watch as a kaleidoscope of sharks and fish swim over your head, explore our colourful coral cave, then discover the exotic freshwater fish of South America in our flooded forest.


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Blue Planet Aquarium Attractions

Northern Streams

Northern Stream

Blue Planet Aquarium introduces you to freshwater life that few of us have seen first-hand. These are inhabitants of the waters of the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, including the rivers and streams of the British Isles.  Fish include pike, carp, perch, bream and brook trout.


Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest

Blue Planet Aquarium’s tropical river exhibit is designed to represent a branch of the Amazon River, the mighty waterway of the rainforests of South America, with its abundant and exotic freshwater life. The Amazon drains vast areas of South America and contains 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water!

Stop here and immerse yourself in the sounds of the rainforest! Imagine a cool, misty sunrise; you’ll hear buzzing insects, a frog chorus and a symphony of birdsong and monkeys chattering high in the trees.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

At Blue Planet Aquarium they have replicated typical habitats to be found in one of the world’s unique environments, LAKE MALAWI!

Lake Malawi is the cradle of evolution and was formed millions of years ago when violent subterranean forces tore apart the Earth’s crust to create the Rift Valley.

More than 400 miles long and 700 metres (2300 ft) deep, Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest lake and home to over 1000 species of fish, 350 of which are unique to the lake. There are an amazing 600 different species of CICHLIDS of which at Blue Planet Aquarium we have around 100 for you to see.

Frog Zone

Frog Zone

Here you can learn how frogs have evolved to meet the widely different conditions of rainforests and arid regions.

Some are more successful than others, but sadly many amphibians, including the Golden Dart Frog, are currently amongst some of the most endangered species in the world. This is due largely to the systematic destruction of the rainforests. In the UK amphibians are also on the decline as a result of the disappearance of ponds and wetlands. At Blue Planet Aquarium they take conservation seriously and have an extensive and successful breeding programme in place on-site.  Frogs include Red-Eye Tree Frog, Green Dart Frog, Tomato Frog, Golden Dart Frog, Dyeing Poison Frog and the Golden Mantella.

Caiman Crocodiles

Caiman Crocodiles

Mangrove swamps are mysterious places which are incredibly important in ecological terms, and are home to many creatures with weird and wonderful lifestyles. The swamps bridge the gap between land and sea and are regularly inundated with seawater.

The mangrove trees stand in mud on stilt-like roots in the muddy estuaries of large rivers and in the lagoons, bays and tidal creeks found along tropical sea-coasts on both sides of the equator.

Rock Pools

Rock Pools

Three GIANT rock pools provide an opportunity to get up close to some of the intriguing creatures that inhabit the rocky coastlines of the British Isles. We believe that this experience will help raise awareness of the need to care for a special environment and encourage respect for its inhabitants.


Shark Tunnels

Shark Tunnels

One of Europe’s largest collections of Big Sharks! Sand Tiger Sharks, Zebra Sharks Nurse Sharks and Black Tips can all be seen from the moving walkway through the spectacular underwater 70m Aqua tunnel.

At the heart of Blue Planet Aquarium is the Aquatunnel, one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world. You’ll be taken on a spectacular underwater safari on our moving walkway and everywhere you look you’ll find amazing tropical fish and awesome sharks staring back at you!



There are specially reinforced displays which allow you to get as close as you dare to some real natural born killers. Venom features everything from black widow spiders and venomous lionfish to stinging jellyfish and vipers in a series of innovative displays.

It also features scorpions, giant golden web spinning spiders, assassin bugs and a whole host of other venomous creatures.  Not for the faint hearted!!

Pirate Playground

Pirate Playground

Young Explorers will love the amazing outdoor adventure Pirate Playground with its ship wreck, slides, monkey bars and crocodiles!

This is no ordinary Adventure play park me hearties!! No Day Out for Kids is complete without exploring this exciting Blue Planet Aquarium attraction.

Pelican Cove

Pelican Cove

The Dalmation Pelican is the largest of seven species of pelican. They can grow up to 1.8m in height and have a wingspan of over 3m when fully grown and weigh approximately 15k

Diving With Sharks

Adult Starter Dive

The Shark Encounter is a PADI-recognised discovery scuba session. You will learn basic diving techniques from our highly qualified and experienced team – so even absolute beginners can come face-to-fin with our collection of 10-feet Sand Tiger Sharks! Did we mention that there is no cage, and just a totally jawsome up-close experience?

The Shark Encounter dive offers…

  • Full instructions
  • Close-up shark encounters
  • Full use of our scuba equipment
  • An “I Dived with the Sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium” certificate
  • Free entry for two spectators

Additional spectators are more than welcome to share your experience and take photographs so you can relive the experience later

Dive sessions are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 2pm or 4pm (where availability allows).

Kids Starter Dive

Thanks to special kid-sized scuba gear, we now offer a unique kids’ shark-dive experience – allowing children to get close to our amazing sharks!

Your little ones can dive in the reef section of our Ocean Tank to mingle with black tip, as well as a variety of tropical fish, to a safe depth of two metres onto an underwater bridge platform. The dive can be viewed from either the tank’s surface or the underwater ‘dry’ side in the aqua tunnel.

Each Junior shark encounter experience at Blue Planet Aquarium includes…

  • Full instructions and expert supervision
  • Full use of a special children’s scuba kit
  • Free entry for an accompanying spectating adult
  • Guaranteed close-up shark encounters

Dive encounters are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings, they can be made a maximum of Ten weeks in advance. Please note: Bookings are limited and are on a first come first served basis

For kids aged 8 to 15 Please note: There is a minimum height requirement of 125cm (4ft2″)

Shark Encounters For Qualified Divers

Our crystal-clear water provides qualified divers (minimum PADI Open Water-certified or equivalent) with a guaranteed shark encounter dive and underwater Caribbean experience – all without having to leave the country!

The shark encounter includes…

  • A half-hour dive with sharks
  • Full safety briefing on-site
  • Discounted admission to Blue Planet Aquarium for accompanying spectators

Please note that…

  • The cost of this dive does not include the use of our diving equipment. If you wish to hire your kit from us, please contact our booking department on 0151 357 8804
  • This course is open to divers who are aged 16 or over and who are qualified to a minimum of PADI Open Water, BSAC Ocean Diver, or any other equivalent diving-body certification
  • Each diver must have logged a dive within six months prior to diving with us

The course starts at 4pm, and divers are advised to arrive at Blue Planet Aquarium by 3:45pm in preparation for the dive.

All dives and dates are subject to availability.  Terms and conditions apply.

Opening Times

Blue Planet Aquarium is open 10am until 5pm daily and 6pm at the weekends.


Ticket TypeGate PriceOnline Price
(up to 12 yrs)
(OAPs, students, etc)
(2 standard and 2 junior, up to 12 yrs)
Groovy Grandparent Ticket
(2 senior citizens and 2 junior, up to 12 yrs)
Friends Ticket (4 standard)Online offer only£65.70



Blue Planet Aquarium Map


Eating at Blue Planet Aquarium.  There is a café that serves meal deals and treats with awesome underwater views.


Located in the Heart of the North West

Blue Planet Aquarium is easy to find, and is centrally located in the North West of England. We’re easily accessible by car, bus and train, with key travel routes between Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, and the surrounding areas.

There is ample car and coach parking spaces available.*

By Car

If you’re driving to us, make sure you look out for the Blue Planet Aquarium brown tourist information signs. We’re located right next door to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. For Sat-Nav users, enter the details CH65 9LF.

Coming from Manchester, take the M56 to Junction 15, and then follow the brown tourism signs on the M53 up to Junction 10.

Liverpool, take the M53 Junction 10, coming in towards the shopping outlet.

Chester, take the A56 and M53 to the A5117, before exiting the M53 at Junction 10.

Macclesfield, follow the M6 and M56 to the A5117 in Cheshire West and Chester, exiting the M53 at Junction 10.

Here is an idea of some approximate drive times:

Manchester City Centre               1 hour

Liverpool City Centre                    35 minutes

Chester City Centre                        20 minutes

Macclesfield                                     1 hour

By Bus

You have a number of different options to reach us by bus. Take the X8 service from Chester Bus and Chester Railway Station, or from Liverpool City Centre. This service runs every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, or every 60 minutes on Sunday. The service also calls at Ellesmere Port Rail Station, connecting to the Merseyrail network.
Also, regular bus services run from Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port, and North Wales to Blue Planet Aquarium and Cheshire Oaks.

From Liverpool take the no. 1 bus from Sir Thomas Street.

From Chester take the no. 1 bus from the Central Bus Station.

By Train

If you’re travelling to us by train, the nearest railway station is Ellesmere Port, about 2 miles away. Regular services run from Chester and Liverpool Lime Street Underground Station (Wirral Line).


There is ample parking at the attraction but please note they charge £2.50 to park regardless of length of stay.

All areas accessible to disabled visitors and wheelchairs are available to hire (£10.00 returnable deposit.  There are lifts between floors and parking areas for disabled visitors.

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Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 9LF
Telephone Number – 0151 357 8804


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