The Chester Meadows

Chester Meadows

The Chester Meadows

Take a walk across the Meadows whether as a family, with friends or on your own. You can walk as far as you like along the river banks and take in the views of the houses that are built across the river from town and into Boughton. It’s a lovely walk filled with wild life, birds, bees and flowers. Sometimes there are cows grazing, dog walkers, runners, people just relaxing or paddling in the riverside pools. At certain times of the year there are battle enactments to join in with when The Sealed Knot, re-creates the Great Siege of the city from 1645-6! It’s all free of course so a great place to bring the family to picnic, play games, paddle and relax. Perfect to visit when staying in the town and need a break from shopping or need somewhere easy to let the children stretch out and have fun.

The meadows walk is accessed on the south side of the suspension bridge from the Groves continue due east to the Earls Eye where the River Dee flows from the south.  It’s an excellent opportunity to view the River Dee and the impressive properties along its banks, some with stunning gardens. This includes properties on the Dukes Estate.

Great place to picnic if you don’t want to walk too far out of the City and during the summer there is a ferry to Sandy Lane at weekends where there is a great free water park for the children, please take towels.

All the above are free except the nominal charge for the ferry.


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